Turtle Ita Bag

Created by Chloe Tier

A gorgeous turtle ita bag and underwater themed enamel pins!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

First Look at Green and Pink Bags!
12 days ago – Tue, Jun 21, 2022 at 01:54:04 AM

Oh my lovely backers, I have exciting photos to share with you today! My manufacturer has sent over images of the printing for the pink and green turtles and I am rather in love with these - particularly the holographic pink baby! I hope these make you as excited as they make me! 

PINK and SHINY - what could be better?
This green brings me a lot of joy

I have also charged cards today, a few payments have declined but don't worry if yours is one of them! BackerKit will send you an email with what to do next <3

For those waiting for pin updates, production on these is complete! They are on their way to me, once I've got them all quality checked and sorted I will ship out orders that contain just pins. These should be on their way in July for you! 

Orders Lock in 48 Hours!
24 days ago – Wed, Jun 08, 2022 at 11:45:55 PM

Hey everyone!

Production is currently swimming along (get it) and whilst I have no major updates for you things are happening behind the scenes! 

BackerKit orders will lock in 48 hours! You'll also receive an email warning. This means you won't be able to change what is on your order after they're locked, so be sure to add an last minut add-ons now. You will still be able to change your address, this will be possible until stock arrives at which point I will give you another notice that address will lock soon.

Once orders are locked, card charges will go through. 

Thanks gang!

Surveys Plus Green Turtle Update
about 2 months ago – Wed, May 11, 2022 at 03:56:23 AM

Hello everyone!

I hope you are having a great day.

73% of you have filled in your surveys! This is awesome and means I can go ahead with the bulk order for the bags. To those who haven't filled in their surveys yet I would urge you to do so as soon as you can to make sure you get your first choice of colour.

You have until the end of May to submit your survey to guarantee you will receive your first choice of bag.

I am ordering extras of each colour but due to dropped pledges the budget is VERY tight on this campaign so there aren't loads to go around. If you've submitted your survey already then you do not have to worry.

Not received a survey?

Please check the FAQ here and contact BackerKit - they can help you <3

Changes to Green Turtle

Due to fabric choices available, I've had to make a slight change to the green turtle design. Here is a digital mock up:

Image provided for mock up purposes, colours may differ slightly in person but will be as close to this as possible

If you want to change your choice having seen this, you can do so by the end of May using the same survey link emailed to you before. Need help? Please contact BackerKit and they can assist you <3

Pins are now also in production, I can't wait to start sharing photos with you!

Surveys Coming Soon!
2 months ago – Wed, Apr 27, 2022 at 05:03:19 PM

I have been working hard behind the scenes to get your surveys up and ready, and I'm pleased to announce they are done! Once these are approved I shall get them sent out.

You don’t need to create a BackerKit account to fill out your survey. When you receive the email with the survey, click the survey link to respond. Answer the questions about your reward preferences, provide shipping information, and purchase add-on items if you like. You don’t have access to this survey link yet, but it will be available soon via email!

After you respond to your survey, you can go back later and change your responses at any time before we close the surveys and get our final counts.

If you need to review your information or pledge status, you can return to your survey by clicking the link in your survey email or requesting your survey link under "Lost your survey?" on our BackerKit project page.

If you used your Facebook credentials to log in to your Kickstarter account, the BackerKit survey is sent to the email address you use for your Facebook account. If you have another email address that you prefer to use, please contact support at BackerKit

We Did It!
2 months ago – Tue, Apr 26, 2022 at 12:32:29 PM

Thank you everyone!!

It was a marathon but we eventually made it. All four colours will be available at the survey stage!

Errored Pledges

There are a number of you with payment errors - please fix these by Friday or your pledges will fail! If you can’t get it to go through on Kickstarter please email me on info@pinandtonic.co.uk and I can help you. I am currently away but will get back to emails next week! 


Surveys will be sent out after the payments have come through. This way I’ll know exactly what budget I’m dealing with and if I can offer the turtle shaped zipper pulls as an optional add-on!

If you have any questions please email me, as mentioned above I am away but will get back to you as soon as I can.

Thank you all!!!